Sleep on the way to beautiful skin

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The most affordable remedy for beautiful skin is sleep. At least seven hours of sleep changes lives: it improves mental endurance, ability to cope, metabolism and immune function.

And if beauty is your motivation, there is a stimulus for your skin. "Think of sleep as food and water for your skin," says New York dermatologist Whitney Bowe. Chronic sleep deprivation can exacerbate acne and inflammation, and persistently high levels of cortisol will break down collagen. Lack of sleep narrows blood vessels, which prevents the skin from receiving nutrients.

While 25 percent of skin aging may be due to genetics, a whopping 75 percent is influenced by epigenetics or environmental and lifestyle factors such as sleep. "Your body is more likely to fall into a deep sleep if the temperature in your bedroom is on the cooler side," says Bowe. Finally, do not go to bed unless you feel sleepy. Get up and do something non-stimulating until the sensation returns. During sleep, the skin and all cells are renewed. The regeneration processes take place at night, with the greatest activity between midnight and 1 o'clock. Night is the time when many of the hormonal and metabolic processes are triggered. If you lack sleep, these processes are disrupted. The optimal duration of night sleep is from 7 to 9 hours. However, if you sleep too long, you will swell due to water retention and the structure of the skin will be disrupted.

Here are some tips for healthy and beautiful skin:

  • Try to fall asleep on your back. Sleeping on your stomach presses your face into the pillow and the skin suffers.
  • Your case should be very delicate, it is best to be silk. It protects the skin.
  • Drink a glass of water at bedtime to prevent the body from becoming dehydrated during sleep.
  • The skin produces new collagen while we sleep, which reduces the possibility of wrinkles. Our body increases blood flow to the skin while we sleep, which instantly leads to a more radiant and radiant complexion.


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