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Derma Regeneration Treatment

Q-Derm® Intensive is highly recommended for all cases of skin suffering and aging. Particularly:

  • - skin weakened by external oxidative stress (smog and atmospheric agents)
  • - mature, marked or damaged skin
  • - post-treatment traumatic suffering (surgery, peeling, tattoos, epilation ... ) adjuvant in the treatment of atopic dermatitis



Q-Derm® Intensive is a product formulated for the deep treatment of the epidermis for skin regeneration and dermo-repair.

The formulation of Q-Derm® Intensive is mainly aimed at regenerating the volumes of collagen and elastin, stimulating their production by fibroblasts (action performed by polypeptides). At the same time, Q-Derm® Intensive ensures a decongestant effect, an effective relaxing action of the skin furrows, firming of the epidermis, a filler effect and a "peach skin" result.

Particularly indicated for a correct healing process, reducing the risk of keloids, the Q-Derm® Intensive treatment is also suitable as an intensive treatment for marked and aged skin (wrinkles and relaxation).

The constant use of Q-Derm® Intensive (2 applications per day) allows you to restore tone, volume and a healthy complexion of the skin.

Q-Derm® Intensive is composed of elements completely compatible with the dermal structure without introducing toxic and potentially allergic factors.


Cosmetic Product pursuant to Reg. 1223/2009 EEC - CPNP Registration n. 2941706 The product can be freely sold without medical prescription. Italian FarmaDati Code: 970722359


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Aqua, glycerin , sucrose palmitate palmitoyl hexapeptide-12 , palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 hydroxyethylcellulose , phenethyl alcohol , caprylyl glycol potassium hyaluronate, glycyrrhetinic acid pleurotus ostreatus extract , maltodextrin lolium perenne leaf extract , gluconolactone sodium benzoate , calcium gluconate

Product free of petrolatum, parabens, silicones and perfumes


Q-Derm® Intensive is highly recommended for all cases of skin suffering and aging. Particularly:

- skin weakened by external oxidative stress (smog and atmospheric agents)

- mature, marked or damaged skin

- post-treatment traumatic suffering (surgery, peeling, tattoos, epilation ... ) adjuvant in the treatment of atopic dermatitis


The skin, and in particular the skin of the face or decollete, is exposed to natural decay and deterioration processes linked to the passing of time, hormonal changes but also to external oxidative factors (UV radiation, smog, pollution elements ..) and/or degenerative factors of traumatic origin. In particular, the pathogenesis of skin aging causes a decrease in the number and size of dermis cells, a decrease in the volume of collagen and elastin fibers, a reduction in the amount of hyaluronic acid and a gradual reduction in capillary thickness.

To these effects are normally added degenerative processes induced by the normal exposure to UV radiations which cause chronic inflammation of the skin causing apoptosis, collagenase and microcirculation disorders.


The active principles of Q-Derm® Intensive are aimed at restoring the health of the epidermis by providing structure, direct and indirect filling and, favoring cell decongestion, it supports cellular trophism.

Hyaluronic acid:

  • - Creates an intradermal lattice on which collagen is fixed,
  • - Helps to increase the content of free water in the stratum corneum
  • - Stimulates epithelial cell proliferation and increases fibroblast migration


  • - They stimulate the natural production of collagen
  • - Complete the integration of hyaluronic acid - collagen (particularly important for mature skin over the age of 40)
  • - Stimulate, feed and complete the Krebs cycle by supporting and integrating the natural cell regeneration process
  • - Reduce the aesthetic visibility of expression lines. They have a botox-like microdecontracting efficacy that attenuates small expression lines because they act at the level of contraction of mimic muscles

The combined action of hyaluronic acid and polypeptides is further reinforced by the powerful decongestant and anti-inflammatory action brought about by

  • - Betaglycyrrhetinic acid: which counteracting the oxidative processes prolongs the cellular life, defends the microcirculation and supporting the original tissue and cellular trophism, creates better conditions for the action of hyaluronic acid and polypeptides.
  • - Beta Glucan: nutritive component, anti-inflammatory and capable of generating a protective film for maintaining hydration levels; in synergy with the other agents of the product:
  • - regularizes the level of cytokines
  • - supports and stimulates natural cell regeneration, significantly reducing the inflammatory state of irritated / damaged skin
  • - Stimulates and supports microcirculation regeneration


Apply at least 2 times a day (morning and evening) a small amount of cream on the affected area after

cleansing the skin; gently massage until completely absorbed.

The content of the jar is sufficient for, on average, 60 days of treatment

Q-Derm® Intensive can be used in any area of the body.

The presence of glycerin (important for the deep penetration of polypeptides into the skin) can requires few seconds for the complete adsorption of the cream namely in tendentially dry skin.

Leaflet inside the package

Use within 6 months from opening the bottle.


Do not use Q-Derm® Intensive on wounds that are still open.

In the case of direct exposure to the sun it is recommended to apply a sun protection product about 15 minutes after the application of Q-Derm® Intensive. Q-Derm® Intensive is not photosensitive but it doesn't offer any protection to the skin.

In case of persistent redness, wash the part thoroughly with cold water. If the redness persists, visit your doctor and report all the cosmetic products used including Q-Derm® Intensive


Q-Derm® Intensive for consumers is available in 40 ml jars individually packed in box Configuration for Professional use: airless 200ml


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Derma Regeneration

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