General conditions for using the e-shop WHITEFLOWER.BG (WHITE FLOWER)


1.1 (e-shop) is owned by Inventstream EOOD, a company registered in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency with UIC: 200778658, with address of management Sofia, GS Str. Rakovski 201A and e-mail Inventstream Ltd. provides its customers through this site the opportunity to purchase the goods offered.
1.2. The copyright on the content of the site belongs to the Company, which has the right to change its content and design on its own initiative and in accordance with its views. Any information from the site, incl. logo, trademark, photo or text may not be used without the written permission of the Company. No one has the right to copy, transfer, modify or make other changes, use, link, display, include any content in a context other than WHITEFLOWER.BG, including any content from the Website outside of WHITEFLOWER.BG, removing images, marks, distribution of materials prepared for reproduction, modification or display of content, without the express consent of WHITEFLOWER.BG.
1.3. Registration on the site is free, voluntary and desirable, but not mandatory. To place an order, the customer can register as a user of the site or fill in a customer profile with the status "Guest". Registration brings additional benefits for users, namely participation in customer programs, special promotions and services that apply only to registered customers of the site such as issuing vouchers for exchange and return of goods that are not valid for users with a "Guest" account. Upon successful completion of registration, the user will receive a confirmation via e-mail with a username and password, which will allow you to log in to your account. The use of by users (registered or with a "Guest" profile) automatically binds them to the rules of these General Terms and Conditions, which they comply with for the entire period of use of the site, from initial entry to departure. Before finalizing the electronic purchase order, ticking "I agree with the terms and accept them", users fully agree, accept and undertake to comply with these General Terms and Conditions. They also agree to purchase the goods in the "Purchases" section. After receiving confirmation of the order from the users, it is considered that the contract has been concluded. By accepting the General Terms and Conditions and ticking "I agree with the terms and accept them", users declare that they will not violate Bulgarian law, the rules of morality and good manners and Internet ethics.
1.4. The working language of with its users is Bulgarian and English. Consumers make their purchase orders using the Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet.

1.5. The products that are on the website of WHITEFLOWER.BG represent a public offer within the meaning of Art. 291 of the CA.


The goods offered on the Site are copyrighted works and the manufacturers guarantee the quality and ensure the quantity. An e-order can only be placed if the item is in stock. Each copy is marked with brand, composition, quantity and manufacturer. The company is responsible for the authenticity of the brand, for goods purchased directly from the manufacturer and such is indicated. The e-shop indicates the price, the main characteristics of the offered items and additional information aimed at helping to make an informed choice when buying the product.


3.1. The offered products can be ordered at any time only through the website. Orders can be placed by customers with a User or Guest profile. When making a purchase request, users fill in the following data - name, surname, city, exact address, telephone, e-mail. Consumers are obliged to submit true and truthful information related to ensuring the delivery of the goods and immediately notify Inventstream EOOD in case of impossibility to receive the goods. In case of changes in the provided information, the users are obliged to update their data in a timely manner.
3.2. After the User places an order, the Company confirms it by e-mail, and in the confirmation the number of the order, the date and time when the order is made are indicated. By completing his order, the Customer agrees that all the information provided for the purchase process is correct and complete at the time of the order, also called in the Document - an order.
Expect a phone call from our team within 2 working days to confirm the order. In case of unconfirmed orders by phone (inability to contact the customer) or email (in cases where the customer has explicitly mentioned the confirmation to happen in this way) within 3 working days or until the end of the sale / collection, the orders are canceled.
3.3. The confirmation has the force of a distance supply contract. In view of the correct execution of the contract, the Company has the right to contact the User at the telephone number indicated by him.
3.4. Completing his order, the Client agrees that can contact him through all available means to clarify the details of the order.
3.5. WHITEFLOWER.BG may unilaterally terminate an order placed by a Client by notifying him in advance, without any further obligations to either party and without any party being liable for damages in the following cases:

3.5.1. If three consecutive orders are returned by the customer without a valid reason.
3.5.2. The Company is not responsible for non-execution of an order in cases where the User has provided incomplete and / or inaccurate personal data, including when he has provided an incomplete or inaccurate address or telephone number.
3.6. When WHITEFLOWER.BG is unable to fulfill an order due to the fact that it does not have the ordered goods, it is obliged to notify the Customer and refund the amounts paid by him, if any, within 14 days from the date on which WHITEFLOWER .BG should have fulfilled its obligation under the contract.
3.7. The delivery of the ordered goods is carried out by the courier companies selected by the client from the ones indicated on the site.
3.8. The goods ordered for purchase are delivered to the consumers personally at the address indicated by them or to the recipient explicitly indicated by the consumers. After delivery of the goods by the courier, all risks arising from the delivery of the goods pass on to consumers.
3.9. Delivery time is on average from 1 to 3 working days (unless otherwise specified in the information about the product itself) from the order. The terms for delivery of the orders depend on the schedule for their processing and the conditions of the Supplier. The Company undertakes to promptly reflect on the Site any change in the terms of delivery, as well as to inform the Users about the extraordinary circumstances that lead to the extension of the delivery period. If the product cannot be delivered on time or cannot be delivered at all, WHITEFLOWER.BG is obliged to inform the Customer about it. In case of delayed delivery due to force majeure - bad weather, closed roads, technical problems with transportation, WHITEFLOWER.BG is not responsible and the delivery time in these cases is extended by the time of existence of objective obstacles.
3.10. In case of delivery by courier, the shipment is delivered to the address indicated by the Customer and is provided personally to the User against a signature on the acceptance-delivery protocol, which certifies the delivery after the due price has been paid. If it is impossible to receive the shipment in person from the User, it is delivered to a member of the household or office, noting the name of the actual recipient. In case of impossibility to establish contact with the User on the telephone number indicated by him or impossibility to accept the order, in case of three visits to the indicated address, the order shall be canceled.
3.11. Some of the products offered by the site may have a contractual warranty and this will be mentioned in the product description.


4.1. A unit price is indicated for each of the products on the Site. All prices are in Bulgarian levs and are understood as final. They do not include the price for courier service.
4.2. The user pays the value of the order, including the value of the product and the courier service. The payment options are as follows:
• Cash on delivery
• Bank transfer
4.4. Consumers enjoy free delivery for orders over BGN 150.
4.5. The price of the products is the one at the time of the order.
4.6. The price of the promotional products is that of the time of the order, during the promotional period.


5.1. The user has the right to make a complaint or return a product purchased from the e-shop within 7 working days of receiving the product.
5.2. The consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract concluded by him and to return the ordered products on the basis of art. 55, para. 1 of the CPA within 7 working days of receipt of the goods without due compensation or penalty and without stating a reason, as the costs of return are at his expense. The User must inform the Provider about the refusal by opening the order to which it applies in the "My Account" section and perform the necessary actions in the "Return of Goods" section, which is located at the bottom of the order.
5.2.1. In case of withdrawal from the contract, the User is obliged to return the purchased goods in undamaged commercial form and with preserved original packaging and label within 10 working days from the expiration of the withdrawal period.
5.2.2. Upon return of the goods due to withdrawal from the contract, if the User has paid for the goods, the Supplier refunds the full amount paid to the bank account specified by him within 15 / fifteen / days of return of the goods or issues a credit notice in the amount of the goods without delivery price. Amounts are not refunded until the User returns the goods and / or the goods have a damaged commercial appearance and are not returned with the preserved original packaging and label. Products that are a set must be returned as such. The box and packaging are considered part of it.
For the purposes of the contract, the "voucher" and the "credit notice" are electronic equivalents of monetary value.
5.3. The consignee may make a claim for the delivered goods when the delivered goods do not comply with the agreement between the parties to the contract of sale.
5.3.1. The discrepancy in the agreement between the parties may be expressed in ascertained:

  • 1. production defects of the delivered goods;
  • 2. shortages of parts of the goods;
  • 3.damage to the goods during transportation, violations of the physical integrity of the packaging and its contents
  • 4. the delivered goods do not correspond to the ordered ones.

5.3.2. Complaints are accepted from the customer profile at the e-mail address of the Provider. The complaint indicates the number (code) of the order and the catalog number of the product. The manner of return of the purchased goods is specified, as well as the manner of return of the amount paid for it.
5.3.3. In case of a complaint, the User can choose between the following options:

1. replacement of the specific item for the same without defects in case one is available, and the replacement will be made according to the conditions and restrictions of a regular order
2. return of the goods against refund of the price paid to a specified bank account or against issuance of a credit notice worth the amount paid for the goods.

5.2.4. The refund of the fully paid amount is made to the bank account specified by the User within 15 / fifteen / working days from the filing of the complaint and in case the goods are returned within 10 / ten / working days from the filing of the complaint.
Amounts are not refunded until the User returns the goods. If the goods are not returned within the specified period, the claim does not take effect.
The returned purchased goods must be in undamaged commercial form and with preserved original packaging and label, unless the claim under the terms of item 3 of Art. 5.3.1. Products that are a set must be returned as such. The box and packaging to protect the product are considered part of it.
5.4. The Supplier is not obliged to accept the returned goods, and does not owe compensation to the User in the following cases:
1. when the request is for replacement of a purchased product with another with different characteristics or different type of product.
2. the goods have been returned due to a refusal or complaint, made in a term exceeding the 7 working days, provided in art. 5.1. from the working day following the date of concluding the contract.
3. the one returned under the conditions of art. 5.2. of the general conditions the product is not in the form and condition in which it was delivered (in the original packaging with all labels attached and with all accompanying documents).
5.5.In all cases, the costs for return, re-shipment are at the expense of the Customer, except for the cases of 5.3.1, where the Supplier will bear the costs of delivery.


6.1. Inventstream EOOD is registered as a personal data administrator. By accepting the general terms and conditions, the User gives his indefinite, explicit and unconditional consent to the explicit written cancellation of the personal data provided by him to be collected, stored, processed and used by the Company and authorized by him third parties in order to properly perform the contract of sale. from a distance and delivery of the ordered goods, for business analysis in order to improve the services of the Company, for marketing and advertising purposes and analysis of the Company, as well as for other purposes permitted by law.
6.2. By accepting the general conditions, the User declares his consent for completely voluntary provision of the necessary personal data. The user may at any time receive information about the use and processing of personal data, as well as request that his profile containing personal data be deleted, for which purpose it is necessary to send a written request to
6.3. The Company does not provide personal data of its users to third parties, except for the explicitly specified Provider and the cases provided by law and guarantees that personal data will be stored in accordance with Bulgarian law, and the information will be provided to the competent authorities only in law. cases in compliance with the requirements of LPPD.
6.4 WHITEFLOWER.BG does not require from its Clients or Users by any means of communication (e-mail / phone / SMS / other) confidential information, bank accounts / bank card details or personal passwords.
6.5. The customer is fully responsible for sharing confidential information with third parties.
6.6. The website uses cookies in order to improve customer service and track their needs and preferences. Cookies are also used for the needs of internet marketing, as this allows the display of an advertising message on the web space to users who have already visited http://WHITEFLOWER.BG once; Each customer can stop the broadcast of the ads by using the special opt-out button built into this type of ads.
6.7. WHITEFLOWER.BG does not assume any responsibility in case the Client is misled by third parties who present themselves as representatives of the interests of Inventstream EOOD.


7.1. When a Client creates a Profile on the Website, accepting the General Terms and Conditions, he may agree to receive Brochures and / or Notices from WHITEFLOWER.BG. When registering in the user has the option to agree to receive personal messages for promotions and current offers to his email address, which he entered during his registration.
7.2. All information received by the Client in order to send Brochures and / or Notices will be used by WHITEFLOWER.BG within the limits set by the privacy policy.
7.3. The refusal to receive Brochures and / or Notices by the Client may be made at any time:
• 7.3.1. By using the specially made internet connection contained in each Brochure and / or Notice.
• 7.3.2. By refusing to receive Brochures and / or Notices, using the restricted pages in the special part of the Account.
• 7.3.3. By contacting WHITEFLOWER.BG according to the contact details and without any further obligation from one party to the other and without each of the parties to be liable for any damages.
7.4. WHITEFLOWER.BG will not include in the Brochures and / or Notices to the Client any other advertising information relating to third parties who are not in partnership with WHITEFLOWER.BG during the sending of the Brochure and / or the Notice.
7.5. We will not send you a newsletter with promotional and other offers if you have not explicitly indicated this. In case you are still on the lists for sending a newsletter and do not want to receive messages from us, please accept our apologies for the inconvenience we have caused you and unsubscribe from the link present in each sent email newsletter.


8.1. Inventstream Ltd. is not responsible for errors on the Site, caused by changes, settings or other technical reasons, as well as due to malicious interference.
8.2. These General Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time by Inventstream EOOD in order to improve the quality of services provided, as well as the introduction of new ones. The changes may also result from changes in the Bulgarian legislation.
Regardless of the grounds that led to the amendment of the General Terms and Conditions of Inventstream EOOD, the Company undertakes to inform its users about the change by placing them in a prominent place on the site. The changes come into force on the day of their announcement on the website www.WHITEFLOWER.BG
8.3. The Company has the right to delete a user profile of a Client who violates the terms of use of the online store or uses it for other purposes.

8.4. In case the User wishes to receive additional information about upcoming campaigns on his e-mail address, he can voluntarily agree or refuse through his profile on the Site.
8.5. WHITEFLOWER.BG is not liable for any damages (direct, indirect, incidental or otherwise) arising from the use or inability to use information about the type of content presented on the Website or for any errors or omissions in the Content, which can lead to harm.
8.6. WHITEFLOWER.BG does not offer any direct or indirect guarantees that the service will meet the requirements of the Client or it will be intact, secure and without any errors, that the products / services received free of charge or purchased from the Website, including those acquired through a pre-purchased coupon (voucher) will meet the requirements or expectations of the Customer.
8.7. The company has the right to publish advertising banners and / or links on any part of the site www.WHITEFLOWER.BG in accordance with applicable law.
8.8. All disputes arising from the use of the site in connection with the purchase of goods are resolved by mutual agreement with consumers, and if such is not achieved, before the competent courts in Sofia, in accordance with applicable Bulgarian law.

The provisions of the legislation in force in the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply to the issues not settled in the present general conditions.

Annex to the general conditions

Standard form for exercising the right to withdraw from the contract:

If you wish to withdraw from the contract, fill in the form below and send it to
To Inventstream EOOD
Address: 201A GS Rakovski Str., Sofia, Bulgaria
I hereby announce that I am withdrawing from the contract concluded by me for the purchase of the following goods:
Ordered on (enter date) ……………… ... received on (enter date) …………………… ..
E-mail with which you made the order
Consumer delivery address:
User's bank details: (for refund)
Signature of the user (s) (only if this form is on paper)
Information for online resolution of consumer disputes according to art. 14, para. 1 of the ODR (Online Dispute Resolution Regulation):

According to the provisions of Art. 14, para. 1 of the ODR, the European Commission provides one of its platforms for consumers to resolve online disputes. The platform ( allows for out-of-court settlements on disputes related to online purchases and service contracts.


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